Happenings and Exhibitions

Tauring Group represents a great variety of marketing fields and on each of these we are specialists. This is the great advantage of the group.
All the year round, we show our products in many exhibitions, and open houses both in Italy and abroad.
In this section, you have the chance to bring you up to date as far as our presence in Italy and abroad is concerned.

Click on the happening to see the details.

Happening Location Country Start Date
EUROTOOL Cracovia Poland 28/11/2017
TOOLEX Sosnowiec Poland 03/10/2017
EMO Hannover Germany 18/09/2017
MACH TOOL Poznan Poland 07/06/2017
MACH TOOL Poznan Poland 06/06/2017
LAMIERA Milan Italy 17/05/2017
STOM Kielce Poland 28/03/2017
MADE EXPO Milan Italy 08/03/2017
BIG 5 Dubai UAE 21/11/2016
Fabtech Las Vegas USA 16/11/2016
Equipbaie Paris France 15/11/2016
EUROBLECH Hannover Germany 25/10/2016
Maktek Istanbul Turkey 11/10/2016
International Technical Fair Plovdiv Bulgaria 26/09/2016
Windows, Doors & Facades Dubai UAE 18/09/2016