Our History

TAURING GROUP, worldwide leader in building bending system to cold-work profiles and plates, was born from the union between two historical companies in this field:
TAURING e SAF Curvatrici
Group’s success comes from very far.
It is a history of courage, will and passion that develops during more than fifty years spent working and with sacrifices of a family that caught market opportunities, and that strongly believed in product quality and customer service.
In the years that followed the second post-war, Anna and Oreste Meliga patented the first bending machine with three driving rolls, an innovative technology that is at the basis of all the brands in the field.

"It’s just iron, but we cold-bent it in only 15 seconds”...

This was the first advertisement TAURING GROUP used to promote the product they marked TAURING, brand created by Mr and Mrs Meliga, who linked two elements that was a good omen and a little bit magic: “Tau” like Turin and “ring” like the classic circle.
In little time, the company got bigger, steadying its presence in Italian and foreign market. This success was given not only by good perception. The group grow thanks to an intense activity and managing capacities, and they went so far as to visit and show in exhibition all around the world, to believe in the quality and service of their product and moreover to do their best in work, with many sacrificies.
In 1978 Tauring was the first to built and produce bending machines with numerical control. During the years new market opened: vertical ones to adapt to various industry demands, horizontal to serve far-off countries. Simultaneously, it developed a distribution net able to cover the whole world and to absorb over 50% of the production.
In 80s, Mr and Mrs Meliga acquired SAF Curvatrici, that brought new productive energies and strengths and it helped to gain success.
Nowadays the company is always very advanced in the field, and it already has new solutions for the future, since it invests in research up to 7% of its incomes.
"It does not matter how ahead you are. It does matter to be always there”
This is still today the vision and the mission of the group that rely on product quality, on satisfying customers’ requests, and it never got involved in war-prices, thing that would have brought the group to the detriment of peculiar features of its products.
As years go by, market got trickier and trickier, also because of a cutthroat competition, but Tauring kept being a benchmark, that has never been made equal in service and technological competence.