Dati tecnici

Driving rolls: 
Shaft speed: 
1 - 2,5 - 5,3
Weight (Kg): 
Total power (Kw): 
Working height: 
a piacere 125 - 151
Size (Cm): 
Medium and Hard Steelwork Structure
Automotive Industry
Naval Industry
Armoured door frame
Structure Sector (thick)

The new ALPHA 500 is a completely hydraulic bending machine, with 3 driving rolls and separate dual adjustment.

The central roll has a fixed housing, whereas the side rolls slide on straight guides, driven independently by hydraulic cylinders with very high thrust.. The driving is by means of three high performance hydraulic geared motors, which are also autonomous.

The geometry of this machine permits the bending, not only of large size section bars, but also of small sections with reduced radii.

The machine outfitting includes, on both sides, the hydraulic 3-axis side correctors. Each of them can position as necessary for orthogonal correction of the section bar being bent.
The standard outfitting includes a set of three POLYVALENT TELESCOPIC rolls for the bending of different types of section bar. The different roll components can be adjusted along the shaft axis, so as to obtain the ideal configuration to bend a wide range of section bars.

The size of this machine requires foundation work to be able to work at the required height and that is most convenient for the operator.

The written maximum performances are with bending machine equipped with Independent Support (SI).