Environment Friendly Machines

When you buy a TAURING GROUP bending machine, you lend environment a helping hand and on this topic we can give you real evidences.
Straight-line slides applied technology and independent support (patented) join efficiency and money saving.
For example, a lighter bending machine than those of our competitors let you bend with unexpected performances. Let’s talk about ALPHA 200, for instance, a machine that strongly demonstrated its high value.
It is a bending machine that bends 200mm I-beam on edge, but it can also bend smaller profiles with reduced radius. This hydraulic pipe bender is very versatile.
The ALPHA 200 don't need foundations and can be put in container (should it be sent overseas). Thanks to its reduced weight, dimensions and encumbrance, its rolls and accessories are interchangeable with a few passages. The hydraulic box oil has a reduced consumption, since the reduced quantity in the tank.
Bearings are mounted so as to work in the correct way, since the shafts at tip work better than if they were embossed. Strength and mechanical performances are optimized and we get a high energy reduction as far as installed power is concerned. So ALPHA 200 components are put through a very reduced stress.
We also have mechanical performances at high level, thank to efficient hydraulic engines and epicycloidal reduction units soaked in oil.
Who buys TAURING GROUP invests on quality, efficiency and is aware to have an economic advantage as far as installation, tools, handling and maintenance is concerned… and he also knows that he has lend his hand (even if in a minimum way) to environment, for us and our sons.