The search for new solutions and materials has always been kept in high regard and let the company and products become and remain leader since 1955.
More than 50 years ago, the founder lodged his first patents; nowadays the group goes on looking for new solutions as far as innovation is concerned, linked to energy safe and quality-price relation.
Last, but not least: Independent support patent. This device allows our bending machines to have high efficiency, technological solutions based on the toughness of the shafts supported at tip; thanks to this innovation and the possibililty to mount adjustable rolls on straight-line slides, the shaft reaches a triple resistance on equal section.

  1. Geometry: shaft highly hold to the independent support, diameter 80mm, working length 220mm.
    Bending coefficient: 0,085

  2. Geometry: jetty shaft, diameter 80mm, working length 220mm.
    Bending coefficient: 0,08

  3. Geometry: jetty shaft, diameter 120mm, working length 220mm.
    Bending coefficient: 0,025

The comparison above mentioned shows the bending coefficient variations in different configurations.
In the first picture, the shaft diameter is 80mm and it is sustained at tip by independent support. Shafts and bearings properly do their job, since flexion stress is discharged on the support, that work almost entirely to compression. In this way, it transmits the reaction on the slide and, consequently, on the machine.
Second picture shows the same shaft as the first, but in this case it works embossed (in the same way as you were charging a shelf). The part near the bearing is put through a high stress, while the part that is at tip is free from stress. In this case too, the supporting bearing work improperly.
In the third picture, the shaft has a working length as in the two pictures, but it has a bigger diameter of 50%, binded only by bearings with a wider length. You can clearly see that the flexion coefficient is three-times bigger than in the first case, even if we strongly increased the shaft diameter.

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