EXCELLENCE in bending

F or over 60 years, TAURINGROUP companies have been offering a wide range of products for bending.
The Know-how and the cutting-edge technology developed in these years allow us to offer different solutions encompassing the whole range of possibilities, making sure to to meet and exceed customers’ specific needs and expectations, independently from the industry branch.

  • Aluminum: From solutions for doors and windows to special profiles for swimming pool covers and many other applications
  • Steel: rolled sections for small & medium steel structural works, mechanic and automotive industry
  • Stainless: All the applications in the stainless-steel field
  • Tube: special heating and cooling coils
  • Heavy: heavy industry where structured sections, beams and large diameter pipes are required

Entry level:
SAF pyramidal bending machines are suitable for those who want to approach the bending world in a smart way and with a small investment, offering a range with high quality standards, equipped with tools for the most common needs