• Simple, compact and versatile
  • Equipped with a powerful microprocessor for perfect bending
  • Just enter the bending radius and the roll will be positioned to the calculated point.


  • Innovative multi-axis positioner
  • Ergonomic interface
  • Advanced self-diagnostics system
  • On request the machine can be equipped with a remote assistance system


  • Up to 20 programs of 30 step
  • Powerful, reliable and economical product
  • 2 speeds for moving both axes
  • Particularly suitable for window and metal profiles manufacturers


The new computerized numerical control with interpolated axes. Updated in its graphic and user-friendly interface. 

  • Simultaneous management of all the axes
  • Each axis’ speed is automatically determined by the interpolation system
  •  2 speeds for moving both axes.
  • WYSIWYG interface: you can see what the end result will be like

CNC2/2 - CNC4/3

Simple and innovative controls able to combine programming potential with low costs

  • Simultaneous and independent management of 2 or 4 axes (depending on the version)
  • Flexible and straightforward to use
  • Bending radii predetermination system


Innovative touch-screen control which match rapidity, easiness of use and programming potential with a low cost.

  • Indipendent 2 axis management system
  • Bending radii predetermination system
  • Extraordinarily flexible and user friendly