The SLALOM 20 is the smallest bending machine of the successful slalom line created for the realization of bends on the plane with curves right and/or left in a single solution without using fill or internal cores. The small size of the machine allows the bending of small profiles with significantly reduced radii. The application fields of this bending machine are numerous; it is suitable to realize any form with accuracy and repeatability, ensuring quality and excellent production results.



  • CNCi: Equipped with CNCi control, the Computerized Numerical Interpolated Control for the predetermination of the bending radii, able to manage untill 1000 steps of a virtually infinite number of storable programms
  • CNCi-3Z: Equipped with CNCi control and a six meters automatic tube-turner device


  • Driving rolls: 4
  • Bending rolls: 2
  • Shaft speed (min-1): 6-42
  • Weight (kg): 640
  • Total power (kW): 2,6
  • Working height (cm): 107
  • Size (cm): 150x85x112
in mm Min. R. Tools
10x5 60 RQ
20x1 80 RT
16x8x1,2 80 RQ


  • Items for street furniture
  • Items for goldsmith, jewelry, accessories of littel dimensions
  • Interior design
  • Bathroom and sport equipment
  • Toy and leisure industry
  • Automotive, cycle and motorcylce industry



S: Standard  O:Optional