The SLALOM 60 is the only bending machine in the world able to perform bendings in the space to create three-dimensional shapes required in the field of interior design, in particular brass headboards, iron beds, aluminium and other materials. With the application of the tourne-tube device for the controlled management of the profile plan during the works, the slalom 60 has extended its application in all those sectors that require the creation of special curves right and/or left with a three dimensional shapes.



  • CNCi: Equipped with CNCi control, the Computerized Numerical Interpolated Control for the predetermination of the bending radii, able to manage untill 1000 steps of a virtually infinite number of storable programms
  • CNCi-3Z: Equipped with CNCi control. Automatic tube-turner device of 6 meters
  • CNCi-E: Equipped with CNCi. Elettrically managed


  • Driving rolls: 6
  • Retractable bending rolls: 2
  • Shaft speed (min-1): 4 – 25
  • Weight (kg): 1250
  • Total power (kW): 7
  • Working height (cm): 110
  • Size (cm): 161x82x120
in mm Min. R. Tools
20 90 RQ
60x2 300 RT
50x20x2 200 RQ



  • Items for street furniture
  • Items for goldsmith, jewelry, accessories of littel dimensions
  • Interior design
  • Bathroom and sport equipment
  • Toy and leisure industry
  • Automotive, cycle and motorcylce industry



S: Standard   O:Optional